Devoted to Prayer

"And they devoted themselves to...prayer." - Acts 2:42

When I think about the church throughout the book of Acts, and when I consider the Apostles' writings to the early churches there is one glaring thing that stands out. Prayer. The saints and believers in the early church were always praying! About everything! And God is doing some crazy things because of it! Prison chains fell off and doors flung open. Dead people came back to life. Sick were healed. Even the Holy Spirit coming to mankind was preceded by believers in prayer.

From the very beginning, it has been a desire to see The Village Church be a church of prayer before the Lord. This is why we have time devoted to prayer each week when we gather.

I'm excited to tell you about the start of weekly, Sunday morning prayer; 8:30am-9ish, every Sunday. The Bible tells us that, through Christ, we can approach the throne of grace boldly and with confidence. I desire for us to be church that is bold and confident before God in prayer. I want to see the hand of God do what only the hand of God can do when His people are fervent in prayer before Him. 

Join me for prayer, 8:30 Sunday morning, at the sign shop.

Grace & Peace,

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