No Satisfaction!

"I can't get no satisfaction." That line just keeps resounding in my head...along with that jammin' guitar.

We had a beautiful time of worship and fellowship on Sunday and I was thoroughly satisfied in the unity of the body in Christ and the opportunity to share the precious Good News of Jesus to those that had gathered. But, as the calendar turned to Monday, I can't help but think, "Am I looking for satisfaction somewhere other than in my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ?" 

I am the man who found the treasure. I am the merchant who found the one pearl of great value. But have I sold all that is dear for the sake of what I have found? I want my life to be thoroughly sold out to the Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

I pray for you, as you begin your week, that you would sell your life out for the name of Jesus Christ - the King, and His Kingdom.

Grace & Peace,

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