Thank You!

The past couple of weeks I have written what I suppose have been semi-lengthy pieces for this part of the email. I'll keep it short this week.


Thank you for your spirit of enthusiasm when we gather. Thank you for your generosity in giving to the work God has called us to. Thank you for praying over the church, the leadership, and the community. Thank you for listening to the Lord, taking a step of faith, and committing to this work. Thank you for your kindness and friendship. Thank you for allowing me the honor of opening the Bible with you and caring for you. I absolutely love it.

I love gathering with you! I love the small personal interaction, as well as the collective of us being together. I love watching people grow and be motivated by the Word of the Lord. I'm very thankful in my heart of hearts that the Lord has brought us together and I cannot wait to see what He will do in and through us as we follow Him!

Grace & Peace,

(You can reach Pastor John at