In Their Homes

"And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts." Acts 2:46

Many have asked as this ministry was first starting, "Will you have a midweek service?" To which the answer has always been, "Not as far as we can see right now." Some would ask, "Well, 'The Green' is kind of a a midweek Bible study isn't it?" Well, in the sense that we met on Thursday nights and studied the Bible yes. But 'The Green' was intended to be a relationship building opportunity for those committing to The Village Church. And what great and wonderful season it was! Thank you to everyone who came out from October into December.

But now, as 2018 is not only the next page of the calendar, we feel the time is absolutely right to begin talking about Village Homes. "Village Homes" will be the fruition of our desire, from the very start to be a church where Christians, meet in homes, and spend time praying for one another and reading the Word together. This isn't just our attempt at being like all the other churches. We simply see it in the Word all throughout the book of Acts, most notably from the verse above.

" their homes..." 

A home is safe place, somewhere you can rest. It's a place you spend time with people you love. Homes are also a reminder of days gone by, while dreaming about the future. 

For The Village Church, a home will be a place to find accountability, belonging, purpose. A home will be a place to grow with other believers in your walk with Christ, as they grow with you in their walk with Christ. Homes will be a place to grieve and mourn, and a place to be comforted and heal.

Some of mine and Jacqueline's strongest relationships have grown out of homes. We have been prayed for. We have grown. We have prayed for and helped others grow. We long for other people to experience this. As we open our arms to the community, and as they come in, they're going to need to know they found a home. My prayer is that  your involvement in "Village Homes" will help them with that.

If this ministry is something you are interested in, have been a part of before at a previous church, or would like to know more about, please let me know! I would love to talk with you more about it. Feel free to email me at anytime! In the meantime pray about it all. Would the Lord have you open your home?

Grace & Peace,

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