The Fellowship

"And they devoted themselves to...the fellowship..." - Acts 2:42

This week, in our current series "Devoted" we're going to look at fellowship. What is it? When does it happen? Who should it be with? Who shouldn't it be with?

As I have been in the Scriptures preparing for this weekend, my mind is kind of blown as to how wrong our view of fellowship can be! The more I am in the Bible, the more thankful I am to always be learning more about God's design in all things. We cannot simply think that all we have ever done is all we should ever do or how it should always be. The more we learn of God through His Word, the more we must abandon our ways and conform to His. 

I hope you will join us this Sunday and grow in your knowledge of the Lord, and that the growth of your knowledge will draw you ever closer to Him. I am praying that we as a church may come to the biblical understanding of fellowship and that this understanding will elevate our fellowship with the Lord as we grow together and seek the lost for His name!

Grace & Peace,

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