Guardian God

"For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone." Psalm 91:11-12

I blew a brake line in my truck the other day. I was by myself running some errands. As I eased into the stoplight at the intersection in Corunna, right by the courthouse, I could feel the brake pedal going way farther down to the floor than normal. Then I realized I was moving with my foot on the brake. I got to Aldi, one of two stops I needed to make, safely and went in to pick up a few groceries. I came out and when I put my foot on the brake to put the truck in gear I felt this pop and all of a sudden the pedal was going all the way to the ground and there was fluid dripping under the truck.

I slowly limped the vehicle home with hazard lights on, shifting into neutral to stop better, then back to drive to go. A normal 20 minute drive definitely took me well over an hour. I was frustrated. It was a defeating moment, but I was safe. Why was I safe? Because I know that shifting the vehicle to neutral helps the vehicle to stop without the transmission telling it to go forward? Because I had four-way flashers on? Because I was driving slow and took roads not many others did?

No. I was safe because the Lord assures us through His Word that He guards us and that He dispatches His angels to guard us. And if He doesn't, we must submit to the fact that His plan is far greater than our own and that He is working His will. This situation could have played out differently. What if I hadn't been safe? What if I had been in an accident? Would I have remembered that the Lord guards us and dispatches His angels to guard us? If something had happened to me, would my wife and children have remembered and realized this? I hope so! It definitely would have been more difficult to remember, but it wouldn't have made the promise any less true.

And, what is wrapped up in this promise? The Lord commands His angels to guard us and so we must come to see that God loves us and cares for us so greatly! You are loved!

Grace & Peace,
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