Thank You!

Thank you Village Church! Thank you for coming out on a beautiful October 31st night and taking the time to love our community! If the smiles and the countless "thank you's" weren't enough to show how much our efforts were appreciated, I'm not sure what was! 

Thank you to all of those who helped setup from 12 o'clock on, who came out and decorated a trunk, who worked traffic/security, who handed out donuts and cider, who were ready to answer questions about the church, thank you!

We didn't have an official count, but we know for a fact that greater than 800 children received candy. Trunk-or-Treat is just a silly thing of man, but it is a way for us to love our neighbor. And that is a big deal to God! Now, let's pray for all those invite cards and points of contact that were made, that God would use our small effort as a seed planted to bring many to His Kingdom!

Grace & Peace,
(You can reach Pastor John at