Church Purpose

"Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keep the law." Proverbs 29:18

Direction is a good thing! It is literally how we know what way we are going at any point in time. Before it quit working, I would randomly look at the compass on my truck's rearview mirror and see the "NE" or "SW" just to know the general direction on any given road. Sometimes I like to load the compass on my smartphone and look at the exact degrees of the compass points. Directions help us know how to assemble things, or how to complete certain projects. Direction is helpful.

Here at The Village Church, we believe that God has given us clear direction. We have a vision for things we want to do, but we also have vision, a direction to go in, to help accomplish the things we want to do. It is important that we as a church understand our vision, as The New Living Translation worded it, our divine guidance. This is wrapped up in the purposes of The Village Church, which are as follows:

  • To worship the Lord our God through regular gatherings and the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.
  • To spread the Gospel and teachings of Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To train and equip the people of God for the work of God, that they may carry on the work of the ministry both within our church and elsewhere.
  • To live at peace with all men as far as we are capable.
  • To give with a cheerful heart of support to the ongoing work of God's Kingdom, both locally and globally.
  • To care for, to the best of our ability, those in need or distress, especially orphans and widows.
  • To abstain from every form of evil.
  • To lawfully use our resources in whatever way possible to maintain the Church and accomplish the above.
  • To lawfully do anything that we can that will accomplish the above.

Our marching orders from the King were delivered to us by Matthew 28:18-20. The purposes listed here are to keep us on track. If we are not being guided by the wisdom, the prophetic vision of the Word of God, restraint will be the first to go, and with that the mission will be compromised. Let's stay focused as a church and be about the work that God has called us to here in southeastern Shiawassee County!

Grace & Peace,

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