A Unique Opportunity

"And Jesus said to them, 'Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.'" Luke 9:58

So it's not easy to find Scripture to go along with the following information, but because there is so much detail involved, I decided to write about it here rather than above.

Sunday, June 3rd, is the day of Byron High School's graduation ceremony. For this reason, we are unable to gather in the school on that day.

Being a mobile church, we have the extremely awesome ability to just pick up and meet wherever and whenever the Lord calls or allows. And, since the schools have been so kind to us these past many months, it is really no inconvenience.

On Sunday, June 3rd, at 10am, we will be gathering on the corner lot at the four-way stop, in downtown Byron.

This is a unique opportunity for us. We will be able to gather, basically out in open air, right in the middle of our Jerusalem and worship and preach the Word of God. Do you know how many churches around the world wish they had that kind of freedom?

Please join me in praying that on this day the Lord would draw people into our humble gathering to worship with us, to be refreshed, and maybe to hear the Good News of Jesus for the first time - perhaps unto salvation!

If you are interested in helping with any of the extra setup or teardown that will go into making this day happen, click here to contact Todd Deering and volunteer to serve!

Grace & Peace,

(You can reach Pastor John at jwhite@thevillagemi.com)