Add to Godliness

"...since it is written, 'You shall be holy, for I am holy.'" 1 Peter 1:16

When giving the Jewish law to Moses on Mount Sinai, the Lord God spoke these words five times to his children. Thousands of years later, the Holy Spirit recalled these words to Peter's mind and inspired him to write them down. This message continues on in God's Word and to God's people today. It is a ridiculous notion for any person professing faith in Jesus Christ to think that we are called to anything less than godliness and holiness.

It almost seems impossible. "How can I be holy? How could I ever be a godly person?" The true answer is that you can't. If you are working to add godliness to your faith without first having by faith believed in Jesus Christ for salvation, you won't be adding godliness. The Bible teaches us that when we are saved, the Holy Spirit fills us and gives us the ability to be godly. If you are trying to add godliness without going to the Word of God to know what godliness is, what are you actually trying to add? This is precisely how man's rules and man's ways crept into Christianity.

Let's be a people known for godliness. Let's be a people known for being holy as the One who called us is holy. Let's be in His Word and know what He calls us to as His people. This is my prayer for all of us. That, "since it is written," we would be holy as He is holy. I'm praying for you, through another crazy week of snow, ice, Jand school cancellations, and looking forward to seeing you this Sunday as we worship the Lord together!

Grace & Peace,
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