Sound Doctrine: Salvation and Baptism

"Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned." Mark 16:16

Salvation and Baptism are the two topics that we will look at this Sunday as we return to Sound Doctrine. It is very hard for me to talk about these two topics separately, because Biblically, after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, they become practically synonymous. But, salvation isn't brought by baptism, and baptism isn't required for salvation.

There are a lot of questions about salvation in the world, "Why do I need to be saved? Be saved from what? How do I get saved? Who saves me?". And for everyone of these questions there is false doctrine leading people astray. Thankfully the Bible always has clear answers. And, it's the same with baptism. Scripture clearly answers who baptism is for, why we do it, what it is not.

After an incredible VBS week (Thank you again to the many who served throughout the week!), I am excited to get back to this series and open God's Word with you all! It is my hope and prayer that after this Sunday, we will have a clearer understanding of salvation and baptism. If you have had questions, write them down! If they don't get answered, please contact me! There's no way I'll cover everything in our time together. If you need to take a step of obedience in the area of baptism in your life, please come this Sunday! We are ready to help you take this step in your walk with the Lord! I'll see you Sunday!

Grace & Peace,
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