They Were Together!

"And all who believed were together and had all things in common." Acts 2:44

In my call as a pastor to train and equip the people of God for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12), I feel called to spend a couple minutes on a necessary aspect of your discipleship. If you study the church throughout the New Testament, through both their actions (the Book of Acts) and the letters written to them (Romans through Jude), there is a fundamental element that simply cannot be escaped: fellowship.

It is apparent in Scripture, the believers of the early church knew that a large component of discipleship was the necessity of fellowship. Discipleship and fellowship are not the same thing, but they are not separable. True Christians living life in submission to the Word of God and to one another breeds accountability, which encourages us and keeps us in line with God's Word as the body of Christ is built up (Ephesians 4:15-16).

Often across the church landscape today, groups of people gather on Sunday morning to sing songs, hear a message, then go home, and that's it. They punch their card in the nominal Christianity club. They have no real accountability or Scriptural authority over them, and believe they are good and on their way to heaven. All the while, they resemble nothing of the biblical pattern of Christianity.

Sunday's gathering is important. We should do it. Early Christians intentionally assembled together on the first day of the week (Acts 20:27). It was their custom, and it has been the custom of believers ever since the day that Jesus came out of the grave. However, for them this had much more to do with living life as Christians than simply following custom. They were together in their homes with one another and sharing their meals with each other (Acts 2:46), contributing to the poor among them (Acts 2:45 and Acts 4:34), praying for one another (Acts 12:5), and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ together (Acts 4:33). It's inescapable, and it's still God's design for His people.

Church, I hope you're seeking ways to be together. I'm writing this on Wednesday and we have Prayer in the Park in a few hours. I am encouraged just at the thought of being with other Christians for prayer tonight, let alone actually being with them. There are all sorts of opportunities available for you to come together with other believers. Don't neglect Sunday's gathering for a small group on a weeknight. Don't neglect a small group on a weeknight in place of Sunday's gathering. Do both! As often as you can! Whether to study, pray, laugh, cry, eat, serve, evangelize, just be together! Lord willing, I'll see you Sunday when we come together!

Grace & Peace,
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