At The Village Church, we have a desire to be active and engaged followers of Jesus Christ, serving the Lord, serving the church, and serving the community. We believe that relationships and serving within the church are vital steps in seeing this happen! Continue reading below for a list of these places, where we live life together. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Brotherhood. Accountability. Integrity. This is the core of Village Men. Life is busy, especially for the working man, but that is simply not enough of a reason for you to not be in regular fellowship with your brothers and be encouraged by one another in the Word. Men need men. Strong men. Encouraging men. Helping one another and pushing each other forward to life as a man of God.

The Village Women’s Ministry is about women believers worshiping and studying the bible together, encouraging one another in truth and love, and sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ to women locally and globally. Our ministry pillars are faith, love, holiness, and hospitality, upon which everything we do is based.

Today's teenagers will not one day be the church. If a youth is a saved follower of Jesus Christ, they are already the church! They will one day, however, be the servant leaders of the church. So it is our job to teach and train them today! Village Youth is for any student in 7th through 12th grade. 

The wonderful responsibility of serving the church does not belong to any one person. It takes every member of the church serving happily, faithfully, and willingly, where God has gifted them, where they are able, or maybe both! Currently, we have 4 specific areas that you can be a part of and help serve the church each week. We'd love to have you join a crew and be a Village Worker!

Village Homes is the in home/small group ministry of The Village Church. They're how we stay connected to one another and help one another out. Some groups meet weekly, some once or twice a month. Sometimes they meet in an actual home and sometimes they meet at a local restaurant. Some gather for Bible study, others gather and go out to serve. No matter where, how often, or for what purpose, the goal is simple: grow closer together and grow closer to God.