Who we are - The Mission

The Village Church is made up of your friends and neighbors. We literally live next door and just down the road. Many of us live in and around the immediate Byron area. Others are from Bancroft and Durand. Some of us live in Gaines. We are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and long to share the Savior's truth and love with you. Our only mission is to make disciples for Him. We do this through relevant Bible preaching and teaching, by baptizing new believers, and by teaching all that Jesus Christ has commanded.

WhY WE're here - The Vision

In January of 2017, the Lord burdened the hearts of two families, from Byron and Bancroft, for the people living around them. What began as 4 people praying in a living room for their neighbors, became The Village Church. Our urgent desire is to reach the rural communities of Byron, Bancroft, and the surrounding areas. By bringing the hope and light of Jesus Christ to an area in need, we long to see God revive the lives, marriages, families, and homes of those broken by this world.

What we're doing - THE ACTION

First, know this: we are here for you! We are here if you need help! If you are in life's worst crisis and don't know what to do, we want you to know that you can contact us! Since we are your friends and neighbors, and since we live among you, we won't be hard to find! Everyone in this world is affected by sin. Everyone affected by sin is in need of Jesus Christ. Through relevant Bible preaching and teaching, personal relationships, community outreach and hands on work, we will declare the truth of Christ while displaying the love of Christ as we live our lives with you.